Magdy Martinez Soliman is a foreign relations and international development expert, a lawyer by training, a former practicing barrister and Assistant Professor of International Law. He has been Director General of Youth in the Spanish National Government and member of the Organising Committee of the Olympic Games in Barcelona 92. He was Deputy Minister of the Andalusia Prime Minister’s Office, in-charge of the relations with the Parliament, and elected member of the Municipal Council of his hometown Malaga. He has been working for the UN over the past 22 years, holding positions in Burundi, Togo, Bangladesh, Senegal, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Chile and New York HQ. He was appointed by Secretary-General Kofi Annan the first Executive Director of the UN Democracy Fund (UNDEF). In January 2008, he took office as the UN Resident Coordinator in Mexico. He then was appointed by Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon Assistant Secretary-General of the UN, responsible for Development Policy in UNDP, member of Agenda 2030 Drafting Commission, and successively UNDP’s Resident Representative in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados and Chile. He was Director of AECID, the Spanish International Development and Humanitarian Agency, and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation from 2020 to mid-2021. He has advised as senior consultant the three UN Resident Coordinators in the Pacific. He is married, has one daughter, and lives part time in Madrid and in New York.

Magdy Martinez Soliman est un expert en relations internationales et coopération au développement, un avocat à la Cour et un Professeur adjoint de Droit International. Au cours de sa carrière professionnelle, il a été nommé Directeur Général de la Jeunesse au Gouvernement Espagnol et en cette capacité membre du Comité Organisateur des Jeux Olympiques « Barcelone 92 ». Il a été Vice-ministre de la Primature du Gouvernement d’Andalousie chargé des Relations avec le Parlement et élu Conseiller Municipal de sa ville natale, Malaga. Pendant les 22 dernières années, il a travaillé pour les Nations Unies au Burundi, au Togo, au Bangladesh, au Sénégal, au Mexique, à Trinidad, en Barbade, au Chili et à New York au siège. En 2006, il a été nommé par le Secrétaire Général Mr. Kofi Annan le premier Directeur Exécutif du Fonds des Nations Unies pour la Démocratie. A partir de janvier 2008, il est le Coordonnateur Résident des Nations Unies au Mexique et le Représentant Résident du PNUD au pays. Il a été nommé Secrétaire-Général Adjoint de l´ONU par Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, chargé des politiques du développement du PNUD, membre de la Commission de Préparation del l´Agenda 2030, puis successivement Représentant Résident du PNUD à Trinidad, en Barbade et au Chili. Il a été le Directeur de l´Agence Espagnole du Développement et de l´action humanitaire, et Sous-secrétaire du Ministère des Affaires Étrangères et de l´Union Européenne du Gouvernement Espagnol de 2020 à mi-2021. Il a conseillé comme consultant les trois Coordonnateurs Résidents de l´ONU du Pacifique. Il est marié, a une fille, et vit entre Madrid et NY.



What is NoGaps?

NoGaps is a small and specialised consultancy firm operating since January 2005. It was incorporated under Spanish Law, and operates out of Madrid and New York, with global coverage. NoGaps provides short-term worldwide capacity support to its clients when there is an urgent need for specialised knowledge and capacity. NoGaps is a collaborative space for professionals from different backgrounds and fields of knowledge, who through NoGaps team up to deliver a first-class consultancy service and experience to their clients. The roster of NoGaps includes senior advisors who have held high-level positions in Government and in the UN and cutting edge professionals in the fields of expertise the firm covers.

Mission Statement

NoGaps’ mission statement consists in bridging the gaps between organisations’ realities and their mandates, between clients’ needs and their ambitions. If it is sometimes difficult to fill the gaps, one can at the very least build bridges to overcome them and move forward, in the direction set as the most desirable and efficient for the organisation and its members.

The Offer

NoGaps offers consultancy services that cover the disciplines of monitoring and evaluation, gender policies and strategies including GBV, W&LB, gender equality and diversity in employment and the workspace, leadership mentoring and coaching, facilitation and training. The company has designed, implemented and evaluated plans, programmes and projects for Government and UN Agencies, with a trademark H2H (human to human) one-on-one communications methodology and with a systemic gender and diversity approach. The small size business model allows NoGaps to remain competitive and lean, reducing overheads that are commonplace in larger administrative environments. NoGaps works in English, French, German, Italian, Serbian and Spanish, and also provides specialised translation services.

Achievements and Clients

Clients include the UN, UNDP, UNHCR, Governments in the EU and the Corporate Sector, especially when undergoing restructuring and reprofiling processes. Among other achievements, NoGaps has delivered European Social Fund eQual Initiative Projects, Gender Equality Strategies for the metal industry in the EU and Gender Equality Policies for Regional and Local Governments. It also offered coaching services at the highest quality level of the industry based on a homegrown methodology. It has designed and imparted the Leaders Bridge the Gaps® and the Bridging the Gaps® leadership training courses.

NoGaps Int'l

NoGaps’ International Division has more recently worked for the UN in Latin America and the Pacific and for the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees in the EU, designing programmes, mobilising resources and implementing strategies, in particular on UN Coordination, Human Trafficking & SEA, Support to Asylum Seekers and other areas.

NoGaps Int´l is headed by Mr. Magdy Martinez Soliman, who served the UN for 20 years, is a former Assistant Secretary-General of the UN and Policy Chief of UNDP, and former Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs and Director of Spain’s International Development Agency.

NoGaps deploys international consultants globally, ensures the timely signature of contractual documents, the delivery of the services as per agreed ToR, the eventual replacement of consultants, as well as the financial, legal, travel and insurance support needed by its staff to smoothly provide the service required by its clients.

Accountability Framework
  • Banking Services for NoGaps are provided by Banco de Santander, (Work Center Santander – Paseo de Recoletos 19, 28004 Madrid, Spain).
  • Corporate, Audit, Tax Advisory and Legal Services are offered by Asecor (Calle Campoamor 18, 28004 Madrid, Spain – CIF B83643098)
  • Legal Registration for the company was established with the Registro Mercantil de Madrid (Public Registry of Commerce of Madrid) and its Business Licenses are CIF: B97450470 – VAT nº ESB97540470.